Hui "惠"

"Hui" is “惠” in Chinese. These words include "Etiquette", "Courtesy" and "Love". This means that we should always have the attitude and intention to help one another disregard of race and favouritism

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Fund and Donation

Help each other in needs

Food and Sanitary

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together the majority of people of various races in Malaysia to be our Contributors to the people who need our attention.

Our Vision


Promote the social, religious, and social / cultural movements of members.

Unified Ethnic

Establish a unified ethnic ties irrespective of religion, race, culture and others in making Malaysia a more harmonious country and engaging in various social activities.


To enable the people to be aware of their culture, environment and social welfare.

Health Programs

Carry out charity work to achieve the goals of the organization, provide assistance to the less fortunate and organize health programs and activities with the aim of to create a healthy community.

Group 8

Programs & Activities

Organize educational programs and activities to produce quality generation and contribute to the development of the nation, instill good values in children and adults to produce high-quality generation and carry out programs and activities towards formation personality and identity.

Hui Charity